J.H. Craig, (1889 - 1954)
Yvonne Williams -   Artist
Yvonne Williams was born in Trinidad where her parents were in business. Back in Toronto, she graduated from the Ontario College of Art, winning the Governor General's Gold Medal for ex­cellence in life drawing and design. Having worked for a time as a sculptor, she decided to change her focus to stained glass. Since there was no teacher of this art in Toronto, she went to Boston to appren­tice for two years at the Charles Connick Studio. Returning to Toron­to in 1930, she began to work on her own.
Today, her windows may be seen in some 150 chapels, churches and cathedrals throughout the country, which establishes her as a leading figure in this field.
James Craig, architect, commissioned her to create the windows for the Foster Memorial Temple. While working within stringent budget limits, she offered a design which would give beauty to the temple's interior. The windows were cut. leaded and installed by her co-worker, the late George London.
Miss Williams, now in her 80's and living in Toronto, is still ac­tively involved in her work,  (in 1986)"

Artchitect H.H. Madill (1889 - 1988),
Craig and Madill - Architects
The architectural firm of Craig and Madill was founded by two classmates of the School of Architecture, University of Toronto. Both received Science degrees in 1912.
Mr. James Craig was born in Owen Sound, and attended school at Parkdale Collegiate. He was a veteran of World Wars I and II, ser­ving overseas as Captain and Major. Among other positions, he was president of the Ontario Association of Architects in 1931 and 1932.
Mr. Henry Harrison Madill, a grandson of one of Scott Township's pioneer families, was born in Beaverton, and later moved to Toronto with his family. He was a member of the Queen's Own Rifles, and so was drafted in World Wars I and II to instruct officers. He became head of the Architecture Department of the University of Toronto, following its first head, Professor Wright. He taught there for 23 years, retiring in 1957 at 68 years.
Together, they designed the Palace Pier, the Band Stand at the Toronto Exhibition Grounds (with its special attention to acoustics), Beaverton Public School and Post Office, Hastings County Home for the Aged in Belleville, Windsor Court Apartments, Pembroke Col­legiate, and Earl Haig Collegiate in Toronto, as well as many in­dustrial and federal buildings.
Mr. Craig died at the age of 65 of a heart attack. Mr. Madill lives in Toronto in quite good health to the age of 97 years, 
Yvonne Williams -    (1901-1997),
The Mosaic Workers of the
Thomas Foster Memorial
in Uxbridge