Thomas Foster
The Canadian Portrait Academy is pleased to announce that Christian Cardell Corbet’s bronze medallion titled: “Honest Tom – Mayor Thomas Foster” has been acquired by the City of Toronto Historical Collection.

The medallion, as seen here, depicts one of Toronto, Ontario’s most famous Mayors of the last century.

Please help us congratulate Mr. Corbet on this his 58 important collection to be added to his already most impressive CV.
The dedication ceremony of the Memorial was held Sunday, October 25, 1936 at 3 p.m.
There were a number of speakers who contributed to the service. Thomas Foster gave the keynote address. He spoke of his daughter Ruby and his wife Elizabeth. He also spoke of his life experience, his transitory journey on this planet and his success.

He told the gathering present that
"success is determined, not by financial worth, but rather if the world became a better place because that person passed through it."

The ceremony closed with all present singing the Hymn "Abide With Me."